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Auto Detailing Bakersfield

Auto Detailing in Bakersfield

Our exterior detailing services have quickly become one of the things we are best known for. Our team has spent years mastering the services we provide to ensure they meet the needs of each of our customers. It doesn’t matter what package or service you choose; you can feel confident it will be done at the highest standards of care and service possible. Our team implements modern equipment and techniques to ensure everyone achieves the desired level of service.

When it comes to washing and waxing your vehicle, you may have the fear of “swirl marks” in the clear coat. This is something that often happens with DIY washes or inexperienced service providers. The first step is to provide a complete and thorough hand wash that has been supplemented with a clay bar to help ensure that all road tar, bugs, break dust, and an array of other contaminants are removed from the clear coat on your vehicle.

Our Services for the Exterior of Your Vehicle

We also pay close attention to the tires, rims, and wheel wells on your vehicle, along with the door jams, trim, and windows. These are all properly cleaned and protected as a part of our washing and detailing service. At the end, we offer a wax coat that offers a superior level of protection.

We offer a proven and effective service to clean and detail the outside of your vehicle. The process starts with a hand wash. This is done with a microfiber cloth that ensures no scratches or issues occur. We will use clay to help remove all fallout, along with road tar, bugs, and sap. We also ensure the proper cleaning of the tires, wheels, and wheel wells to leave tires shining and clean. We also see to all the small details you may overlook when it comes to cleaning your vehicle including the door jams and inside the fuel door.

We will thoroughly clean the tires and trim and then treat the surfaces with a premium exterior product to protect it from damage and other issues. We also clean windows on the outside and inside with products that ensure there are no streaks or spots left behind. We will clean and polish the vehicle’s exhaust tips and polish the chrome bumpers and wheels.

Car Exterior Detailing

When it comes to your vehicle, looks matter. You want to turn heads as you drive down the road – for good reasons. We can help this happen. Our professional mobile detailing services will ensure that your vehicle looks amazing, regardless of the type of vehicle you have, age, make, or model.

If you are interested in learning more about the services we offer, contact us. We can set up an appointment to help ensure your vehicle is clean and looking great. Being informed and knowing what a quality cleaning service offers ensures you get the top-quality services, which is exactly what we offer.

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