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Bakersfield Auto Detail

Your vehicle is where life happens. We understand that your vehicle is much more than a way to get you from point A to point B. You take the kids to school, it helps you go home for the holidays, and more. However, you may use it as your own personal karaoke machine, a place to enjoy lunch, or a conference room. With so many uses, we know that keeping your car clean and dirt-free is likely a top priority. If this is the case, then our interior auto detailing services is the ideal solution for you and for your vehicle.

We offer interior rejuvenation for the floor interior and headliner for your vehicle. This includes conditioning or cleaning services that will protect the life events that are important to you. This is done by removing contamination, odors, and bacteria. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a total car cleaning and healthy environment so that you have a safe and fun ride.

Our Interior Detailing Service

When it comes to detailing the interior of your vehicle, we customize the solutions to meet the needs of our customers and the vehicle they have. While this is true, we offer some basic services for each customer who sets up an appointment.

We will provide a complete interior vacuuming, which includes the trunk, seats, floors, and cracks and crevices. We will also shampoo the floor mats, seats, and the carpet to help ensure the desired results are achieved. Our team will clean the headliner, along with all the interior plastic and vinyl in your vehicle.

We don’t leave any surface untouched, this is going to help ensure that your vehicle looks great, regardless of the state it is in when it comes to us. Our team has the experience and ability to handle any detailing job, regardless of the make, model, or age of your vehicle.

Affordable and Transparent Services

When it comes to detailing and cleaning your vehicle, there are more than a few factors to consider. For most people, this includes the cost. While there is a saying that applies to our industry – you get what you pay for – there is still no need to overpay for the services you need.

Our team is completely transparent with prices – you will always know what our services will cost, and you don’t have to worry about add on or surprise fees at the end of the job. This is just another guarantee that our team offers helping to set our detailing service apart from the crowd.

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